UniView Help & User Guide

UniView is an HTML-based application for working with Unicode characters. You can look up or find characters (using graphics or fonts) and related information, view whole character blocks or custom ranges, select characters to paste into your document, paste in and discover unknown characters, search for characters using regular expressions, do hex/dec/ncr conversions, highlight character types, etc. etc. It supports Unicode 9.0 and is written with Web Standards to work on a variety of browsers.

Quick start

To get started, use the Show block selector, or add characters or code points to one of the fields on the Look up tab and hit the down-arrow icon. UniView produces tables or lists of characters in the Character list panel (lower left).
By default, clicking on a character in a list or table displays detailed information for that character in the Character detail panel (to the right).
Use the toggle switch to add the characters to the Text area instead. Alternatively, you can paste characters directly into the Text area and hit the down-arrow icon to discover what they are.

Lookup controls

Select a Unicode block from the pull-down list and the characters in the block will be displayed below. You can then click on characters to view detailed information about them or add them to the text area, etc.
Click on the icon to refresh the results.
You can display the result as either a table or a list (that includes names) by clicking the check box lower down entitled Show range as list.
Unassigned character positions are shown in the table with a greyed out background.
You can also specify a Unicode range by typing or pasting a hex code point range into the Show range box below this control.
Version 9.0.0.
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