SIL ViewGlyph

SIL ViewGlyph
Among its most useful features, ViewGlyph allows you to see a font’s contents through different eyes, so to speak. Want to know what the font looks like when used by a Unicode application? How about when the font is moved to a Macintosh? Or, suppose I have the multilingual extensions installed and want to know what a font looks like when viewed through a particular codepage? ViewGlyph can show you the raw glyph palette, which is useful if you are writing smarts (i.e. OpenType, Graphite, or AAT tables) for your font. You can view certain TrueType font tables (name and cmap) and see various font metrics. Finally, ViewGlyph is useful for investigating how Windows maps 8-bit characters into Unicode through various codepages.
Version 1.81, Bob Hallissy, 2009-10-31.
Download link | Препратка за сваляне
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