If you are a designer using many fonts, nexusfont is a must have application. You can manage/compare/choose fonts with well organized features. You don’t need to install all fonts to the system. You can load fonts you are working with only. It’s simple and easy!

Main features

Supported Font Types:

  • TrueType, TrueType Collection, OpenType, Adobe Type1
  • view installed fonts, fonts in folders (not installed).

Install/Uninstall fonts:

  • install fonts into system or uninstall fonts from system.

Find Duplicate Fonts:

  • find duplicate fonts in folders and delete unnecessary font files.


  • print font list with user defined sample text

Export as Image:

  • export font list as an image with user defined sample text


  • supports antialiasing for designers


  • Rename many font files with their font name at once


  • Basic file operations for managing font files

Favorite Fonts:

  • manages fonts by favorite groups

Unicode Support:

  • Can be run on any language OS. Sample text, font file name or font name can be in any language.

Multi-language UI:

  • Any language UI can be used with a translated language file.


  • Manages fonts with tags


  • NexusFont can be run in USB memory with font files in it. Even the drive letter is changed, all library information will be maintained.

System Requirement: Windows XP or above
Version 2.6.2 (2015.11.06), JungHoon Noh.
Download link | Препратка за сваляне
Download link (portable) | Препратка за сваляне (portable)

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