New Cyrillic 2012 | Type Design Competition

New Cyrillic 2012 Type Design Competition | Catalogue

New Cyrillic 2012
New Cyrillic 2012



Cyrillic typeface competition with a December 31, 2012 deadline. Unlike many competitions in which participants and winners have to pay, this competition actually pays the winners – there is a 15,000 Euro prize fund for the top three. The top ten projects for 2012:

Amsterdam by Evgeny Filippov
Argena Regular by Tomi Dzurovski
CloneRound Regular by Tomi Dzurovski
Flauto by Yuliya Tigina
Kalimantan by Ana Kutina
Mamontov Sans by Oleg Matsuyev
Metrofont Regular by Artyom Utkin
Napoleon by Ana Kutina
Ringvaart by Aleksander Koltsov
William Headline by Mariya Doryeuli

Of these, the three lucky winners were Flauto by Yuliya Tigina, Metrofont Regular by Artyom Utkin, and William Headline by Mariya Doryeuli.

The information is selected from LUC DEVROYE site

Стефан Пеев | Stefan Peev

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Съвременни форми на кирилицата

Съвременна българска форма на кирилицата


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