Greek Fonts

Greek Fonts

Greek Fonts Society (GFS) was founded with the express aim to research the history of Greek typography and the design of historic and contemporary Greek typefaces, which shall bridge the gap between metal and digital technology. In addition GFS has published several seminal books pertaining to the history and art of typography and in 1995 it organized an International Conference: Greek Letters: From Stone to Tablets at the French Institute of Athens, where many Greek and international scholars and designers discussed the past, present and future of Greek writing and typography. GFS has released all its digital fonts free for every application and supports each one with polytonic typesetting capability for use by the various Centres of Hellenic Studies worldwide.
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Sites with GREEK TEXTS

Ancient Greek Texts with Translation

Sites with GREEK FONTS

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Fonts for Scholars
Unicode Test
Polytonic Greek
WGL4, symbol and Supplementary Multilingual
Biblical Greek

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Съвременни форми на кирилицата

Съвременна българска форма на кирилицата

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