Erik Spiekermann

Erik Spiekermann

Erik Spiekermann at CreativeMornings Berlin, September 2012.

Erik Spiekermann speech



Hello, I am Erik
Hello, I am Erik

Hello, I am Erik

Erik Spiekermann: Typographer, Designer, Entrepreneur


Erik Spiekermann is the epitome of a typographer. This comprehensive book is the first to showcase his body of work and tell the story of his life.


Editors: Johannes Erler
Release Date: August 2014
Format: 22 × 28 cm
Features: Full color, hardcover, 
320 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-89955-519-6
Shop Price: €45.00




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Съвременни форми на кирилицата

Съвременна българска форма на кирилицата


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